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Your search for the best healthy vegan pasta ends here at Your Home Factory. Made with love, we have a range of ready to cook raw vegan pasta with hand-made options too. Pasta becoming a household dish today, we realised that a healthier, cruelty-free and budget-friendly version was needed. YHF’s range of vegan pasta like Casarecce, Fettuccine, Gigli, Sriracha, Fuesli & more makes for the perfect dinner dates with your better half. It feels light on your stomach when consumed and at the same time is packed with nutrition. In fact, it is the best option for kids. Make a fuss-free pasta lunch box full of healthy ingredients to meet their nutritional needs and full of taste and deliciousness to satisfy your kids’ taste buds. No synthetic preservatives are used during the production. Buy Healthy & Gluten-Free Vegan Pasta Online in India at Your Home Factory. Order now! 

Benefits of Vegan Pasta

  1. Vegan Pasta is rich in fibre, which improves digestion.
  2. It reduces the risk of high blood pressure. It gives you lasting energy.
  3. Vegan Pasta has proteins to help with muscle recovery.
  4. Vegan Pasta is gluten-free and good for a healthy diet.
  5. It is high in anti-inflammatory nutrients and also high in flavonoids.
  6. Vegan Pasta is low on sodium and low-fat.
  7. Vegan Pasta is a typical serving that has iron and vitamin B-6 needs.
  8. Vegan Pasta is one of the least environmentally intensive foods to produce.
  9. Vegan Pasta helps to keep you full.
  10. Vegan Pasta brings friends and family together.


Vegan  Pasta is an important part of a healthy meal. Vegan Pasta is a rich source of fibre, minerals, vitamins and a source of energy. It provides a dose of proteins to your meal.

For people who have celiac or are not tolerant to gluten, this pasta enables them to enjoy it as a regular part of their meal. It is vegan and is enriched with nutrient value like iron and vitamins.

3 months from the date of manufacturing if stored in a cool, dry place. Best if used by dates, printed on the Vegan pasta packets.

Boil the water for 10 minutes & add some oil to avoid stickiness. Once the water is boiled enough, add the pasta to it and boil it for 7-9 mins.

This Vegan Pasta is made with natural ingredients. It is low-calorie and nutrient-rich when it comes to weight loss. It is not fattening if you stick to proper portions.

No preservatives added. No synthetic fibres added. This pasta is low in acid, easier to digest and reduces sugar levels.

The weight of each packet of Vegan  pasta is 0.25kg.

Vegan pasta is a healthy option packed with nutrition and healthy ingredients like turmeric, beetroot, etc. Thus, it is okay to consume it regularly.

It is totally okay to combine some recipes and make the best of both worlds. Make a yummy Indian gravy or curry and combine it with Your Home Factory’s vegan pasta for a master-chef level meal. 

Yes, vegan pasta works in a diet plan and can be consumed guilt-free with some amazing and innovative recipes.

Yes, gluten-free kinds of pasta are healthier in nature, especially when combined with other nutritional ingredients like turmeric and beetroot like Your Home Factory’s vegan pasta range. 

No, vegan pasta does not have any side effects as long as they’re consumed in a suitable quantity. Also, do check for any allergies before consumption to be on the safe side.