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Almond coated with 45% Dark chocolate & Tangy Orange ( Daarzel )


Almond coated with 70% Dark chocolate ( Daarzel )


Cranberry coated with 70% Dark chocolate ( Daarzel )


Dark Chocolate Sugar Free | 70% Cocoa With Almond ( Daarzel Zero Sugar )


Dark Chocolate Sugar Free | 70% Cocoa With Hazelnuts ( Daarzel Zero Sugar )


Dark Chocolate Sugar Free |70% Cocoa with Mint ( Daarzel Zero Sugar )


Dark Chocolate Sugar Free 70% Cocoa ( Daarzel Zero Sugar )


Dark chocolate Sugar free| 70% Cocoa with Orange ( Daarzel Zero Sugar )


Hazelnut coated with 45% Dark chocolate ( Daarzel )


Testting Product Ambriona


Vegan Dark Chocolate Hamper | Pack of 8 Products


Vegan chocolates for vegan chocolate lovers.

Vegan chocolates for vegan chocolate lovers.

For everyone who wishes to devour some tasty & healthy vegan chocolate guilt-free, Your Home Factory brings to you a range of vegan & organic chocolates which are freshly made and delivered right to your doorstep. Choose from a number of options including vegan dark chocolates fused with some mouthwatering & delicious flavours like Orange, Cranberry, Mint, Hazelnut & more with a crunch of Almonds. Buy vegan chocolates online in India with Your Home Factory and add these must-haves to your pantry this season. Check out the Vegan sugar-free chocolates online to satiate your taste buds without compromising your health & sugar levels. Order Online Now!


Yes, vegan chocolates are completely healthy and thus can be consumed while on a diet. For greater results, you can opt for sugar-free vegan chocolates. 

Yes, vegan chocolate bars are healthy for the body if consumed in the right quantity and made with the right choice of ingredients. 

Yes, you can shop easily from Your Home Factory’s wide range of dark vegan chocolates in India online which are super affordable and delivered to your doorstep. 

Yes, vegan chocolates do have an expiry date and should be consumed within the safe stipulated time. Although, vegan chocolates have a good & long shelf life. 

Not all vegan dark chocolates are sugar-free. You can find both and order online at Your Home Factory - normal & sugar-free vegan dark chocolates with flavours.

No, vegan chocolates do not have any side effects as long as they’re consumed in the suitable quantity and intervals.

Yes, with a high proportion of antioxidants, lesser sugar and no dairy, dark chocolates are vegan in nature. 

For a healthier and balanced approach, you can consume vegan dark chocolate after your workout as a way to revive your lost energy and calories. Stick to eating a healthy vegan pre-workout meal.  

Yes, all the vegan chocolates at Your Home Factory are organic and healthy. 

With so many people adopting veganism, a pack of vegan chocolates makes for a delicious and thoughtful gift pack for your loved ones.

Vegan itself is a healthy lifestyle option and thus, vegan chocolates are a better and healthier substitute to regular chocolates. 

As per leading reports, there is an increase in demand for vegan chocolate at a rate of 10% each year. 

Yes, veganism is a very old concept dated back to 1944 and is making its way back to the world. Veganism is here to stay and is experiencing rapid growth. 

Yes, with the low amounts of sugar and higher antioxidants, dark chocolate is a healthy option than regular chocolate.