Most Popular Vegan Foods in India

Most Popular Vegan Foods in India


Vegans are said to have a limited choice of food and cannot have tasty foods over health concerns. However, We deny the validity of the statement completely. Meat and Dairy products are not the only sources of nutrients and taste. Fruits and Raw foods are not the only intakes for vegans. Some foods can be included in your vegan diet plan and are tasty. For a country like India which is famous for the production of spices, How is it not possible to have tasty foods for vegans? Here are some of the most popular vegan foods in India.

Daal Chawal (Dal Rice)

If you are an Indian, you know how common Daal Chawal is in India. Vegans are not the only ones to eat daal chawal, most of the Indians eat daal chawal in their meals. A simple dish that uses lentils as daal combined, eaten with chawal (rice). The lentils are cooked in water by adding spices and curry is made with the lentils. Served with fragrant rice, Daal Chawal is the most famous vegan dish of India.

Poori Bhaji

Poori bhaji, A Maharashtrian dish that includes A poori and several other items to eat with. A poori is made with whole wheat flour or refined flour, fried in oil, and served. The dish poori bhaji is also known as Aloo Puri Bhaji as it includes cooked potatoes with it. In some regions of India, Poori Bhaji is served with potatoes and cooked sprouts. It is delicious and has spices and a taste that may add joy to your vegan diet.


Rice is the most common grain that Indians use in their meals. Apart from Daal chawal, Indians eat Pulao, which is another dish made with Rice. Pulao includes several vegetables like potatoes, cauliflower, carrot, onions, and beans. Many people use these vegetables interchangeably. It is cooked with rice adding fragrant spices to make it more delicious. Some people call it Veg Briyani, while nonvegetarians don’t like that people call a vegan dish Briyani.


A famous south Indian dish that is round and thin, made with Rice and Urad Dal.

Urad Dal and Rice are soaked and blended to make a thick paste type mixture which is then spread on a Tawa or Pan. It is cooked and served with “Aloo ki sabzi’. People in India eat dosa for breakfast. It is delicious and healthy with urad dal containing protein and calcium, while rice has carbs and fiber.

Chole Bhature

Chole bhature, A north Indian dish that is loved by Indian people, Chole Bhature is a nutritious, healthy, and vegan dish. Chole is made with chickpeas, cooking them by adding spices and making a curry. Served with Indian bread known as bhatura or poori. It is not only delicious but also provides nutrients like protein and fiber.

Rajma Chawal

Rajma Chawal is another popular vegan dish in India that has a delicious taste and numerous healthy nutrients. Rajma, the kidney beans are soaked in water overnight and are cooked with spices. Fragrant Basmati Rice is used with Rajma to have a perfect combo of Rajma Chawal. It has protein, carbs, and fiber that gives more energy to the body.

Vegan Pasta

There are so many vegan dishes in India to eat with taste and spices, different regions have different varieties of a dish. Pasta is considered to be a healthy dish and is served by many restaurants in India. Pasta is rich in carbohydrates and healthy. Vegan pasta is now in talks as a better way to enjoy delicious food in a vegan diet plan. Adding pasta to your diet plan is an idea that you may never regret.

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