How To Raise Vegan Kids: Your Complete Guide

How to raise vegan kids

Going vegan has a lot of benefits to it and if you have kids and wish to start raising them as vegans, you’ve landed in the right place. 

Raising vegan kids comes with its own set of challenges. Especially when society makes you think that you’re forcing your child into something wrong or that you are endangering their health. 

All of this can make you feel demotivated/low or feel like you’re stuck in a loop. 

So, after careful research, I have curated this guide for all parents out there who need to know everything about raising vegan kids. Right from introducing them to veganism, to ensuring that you meet their nutritional needs. 

I will also be sharing some kid-friendly vegan foods and some hacks on how to avoid social situations. So let’s get started.

Quick Fact: If we start raising the kids of today as vegans, we can eradicate world hunger completely in the coming few years! 

How should you introduce veganism to kids?

In my opinion, it is necessary to talk to your kids and first explain what veganism is. Teach them animal affection and emphasize how it is not right to take their lives away to enjoy your meals. 

Introduce your kids to animals and let them play with them. Kids form bonds very quickly with animals which help them be more affectionate and considerate. If your kid is growing up, don’t force them into veganism. Educate them and let them make a choice. 

How should you plan your kids’ meals which is nutritional and kid-friendly? 

First, let me bust the myth about vegan food not being healthy enough for growing kids. According to the academy of nutrition and diabetics, “well-planned vegetarian and vegan eating patterns can be healthful and appropriate for all stages of the life cycle, including infants and toddlers.”

Hence, what you need to take care of is plan their meals with an equal distribution of all nutrients. You should also add some fancy vegan items like vegan hazelnut cocoa spread, vegan super munchies tandoori sweet potato, vegan dark chocolate with orange, etc. 


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This way you can get your kids to start eating vegan in the form of their favourite foods. However, it is also important to include essentials. Thus, refer to our guide on 11 essential types of vegan foods to include in one’s diet. 

How can you handle social situations?

There may be times when you’re not necessarily around your kids. This might scare you if they consume animal-sourced food in your absence. In such situations, you need to talk to your kids and help them understand the difference between what they can and cannot eat. 

If they’re too young to understand the difference, you can talk to the person in charge at their school or the parents when you send them for birthday parties. If there’s no provision for vegan food, you can it with your kids. 

Remember, it is okay to make mistakes in the beginning. Don’t penalise yourself for it. 

Kids-friendly vegan food ideas

Pancakes with fruit, Strawberry smoothie, Granola, Raspberry banana bread with almond butter, Peanut butter and banana sandwich, mini pizzas, hummus wraps, popcorn, etc are some amazing kid-friendly vegan foods you can include. 

On a parting note, 

It takes a lot of time to get your kids used to the concept of veganism. Help them ease into this kind of lifestyle, don’t throw everything on them at once.

Some hacks to make it easier for your kids to understand and adapt to veganism is to allow them to ask all sorts of questions, show them video guides with animations, let them help you in the kitchen when you prepare vegan food. 

All of this helps them understand the roots of veganism which makes it a seamless process for them.

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