Are There Any Side Effects Of Veganism? Let’s Find Out

Side effects of veganism

Veganism has been in existence right since 1944 but the only difference back then was that it didn’t have a name. So a vegan diet is not something new, it’s just returning back from the good old days. 

We at YHF have been creating awareness around what veganism is, the benefits of a vegan diet, different types of vegan foods that are included in one’s diet, etc. 

So we take this as our responsibility to shed light on some potential side effects of veganism that can be noticed in certain people. 

Before we begin, here’s a quick explanation of veganism. It is the consumption of plant-based food and restricting yourself to meat and dairy products. 

As many benefits there are of veganism, it may not suit everyone and if the diet is taken to extreme levels or if the warning signals given by your body are ignored, then it can be an issue. 

Thus, the first step to save yourself from potential threats is to consume safe vegan food which is healthy and fresh. Look nowhere else when it comes to 100% healthy vegan food other than Your Home Factory

The next step is to educate yourself around the possible side effects of veganism and how you can avoid them. 

Side Effects of Veganism & How To Overcome Them

An overdosed consumption of legumes can result in a leaky gut. A leaky gut is when your intestinal lining forms crack or holes which allows harmful substances to make their way into your system. But legumes are also a good plant-based source for proteins. So what should you do? Plan your meals and have an equal and minimal distribution of legumes and replace it with other forms of plant-based protein. 

The processed form of soy can cause an increased level of hormones. Soy is a very good vegan substitute for all meat-related products. But the processed forms like tofu, soy milk, etc have shown signs of increased hormones in some people. Thus, to best avoid this, stick to eating unprocessed soy. 

Chances of anaemia due to less heme-iron intake. Anaemia is a nutritional deficiency that occurs due to a lack of heme-iron in the body. Vegan diets do contain the original form of iron but are low on heme-iron. You can take iron supplements to fulfil your nutritional needs. However, pregnant women must take extra care of this. 

Excessive carbohydrate consumption. To make up for all the protein intake, what you don’t realise is that all those foods end up increasing the number of carbohydrates in your body. You need to pay attention while forming your diet to ensure the right amount of nutrients are present. Learn How to Create a Healthy Vegan Diet Plan

Low on energy. If you don’t eat enough during the day at regular intervals, you may start feeling fatigued and low on energy. This is because plant-based food contains lesser calories than animal-based food. So even after switching your diet, if you consume the same amount of food, the energy levels obtained will start falling. 

Risk of Vitamin B12 Deficiency. This is one of the vitamins which cannot be produced by your body on its own. This means you need to consume it through the food you eat. Most vegan foods do not contain vitamin B12. But the good news is that are many plant-based types of meat high on B12 + there are supplements available. 

Chances of eating disorder. It was noticed that vegans started adapting an unhealthy addiction of eating healthy vegan foods 24/7 which is known as an eating disorder. You need to understand that you have to allow yourself some cheat days. Like savouring your taste buds with vegan pasta, snacks, chocolates and spreads

To Summarise, 

There are some side effects to veganism but that doesn’t mean you cannot overcome them or stay away from them. 

All you need is the right knowledge and understanding to create the perfect vegan diet that suits your body’s needs and requirements. 

Also, remember to listen to your body and notice all the signals that it gives. Immediately consult a doctor if you notice any changes. 

That’s all from our side. Our verdict on whether should you go for veganism is a definite yes! Stay safe and informed.

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