Your Home Factory is an adobe for all the producers and consumers, who believe in the concept of pure consumption & healthy living and have a strong inclination towards using and producing them.

It is a comprehensive place that allows small artistic entrepreneurs to bring forth their skills at manufacturing health and wellness  products and convey them to their potential users. We aim at providing an apt platform for a diverse range of commodities. We offer a line of premium category which include vegan, organic, gluten free, sugar free, handcrafted and so on…

With time the visually attractive packaged and well-marketed products full of harsh chemicals have gone pass or are on the verge of it. Hence, we nudge people to use safe & be safe.


Through ‘Your Home Factory,’ our mission is to cater to the needs of those individuals, who have a propensity of utilizing pure products and provide a wide range of healthy options.

We have set foot in the market with, a vision of propagating a safer, Eco-friendly environment and, the hope of encouraging innumerable people to make a shift to healthy, cruelty-free products. Our sole intent is to bridge the gap between those who wish to reach out to the right patrons and those who are willing to keep their love for these products alive.